Intake 09
January 2015

Intake 08
September 2014


TWDP 1500

Planning and Designing Web Sites

This course provides an intensive and comprehensive introduction to web site development and represents the first phase of the development life cycle. Students will use project management techniques to plan and prototype web sites that meet the needs of their project sponsors and the site’s end users.

They will be introduced to commonly used web technologies, such as HTML and CSS, web usability principles, and best practices for web graphic design. The course will also cover how to publish, manage and market a web site. User Experience Design will include principles of designing an effective homepage, planning web site navigation and layout, content organization and architecture.

TWDP 2500

Coding and Developing Web Sites

This course explores in greater detail how to apply structured methodology for designing and building web sites. Students will reinforce their knowledge of web usability design principles as they move from the planning stage of web site development to the second phase of coding and development. Students will be introduced to more advanced web technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3 and PHP and use current software to build visually appealing, well-constructed sites. Students will also add dynamic and exciting features to their web sites, using jQuery.

TWDP 3500

Testing and Managing Web Sites

This course represents the final phase in the project life cycle: testing, re-designing, and presenting web sites to the client. During the first part of the course students will design and develop a website for a client, and conduct the usability testing of their web sites using outside test subjects. Students will then analyze their test results, identify problems, and determine changes that are needed to meet usability objectives. Following an iterative design process, students will then use their findings to revise their web site designs before presenting the final product to their project sponsors. Additional topics will include search engine optimization, web analytics, web site maintenance and security, and presentation skills.

Finally, students need to find work – whether employed or self-employed. This course will also include a module that provides practical help with resume writing, job interview skills, career planning, and starting up a consulting business.

TWDP 4500

Specialty Topics in Web Design

This course was designed to meet the changes and trends in web site development. As more and more users turn to their mobile devices instead of their computers for social networking, information, shopping, and entertainment, web designers must also learn to deliver practical design concepts for responsive and mobile websites. Student groups will be provided with mobile devices (such as an iPhone, iPad other smartphones and tablets) to test their project sites.

Increasingly, employers are asking for web designers with Content Management Systems (CMS) experience. This course will also provide students with an opportunity to explore the top open source CMS – WordPress.

Online shops are in demand for small and medium sized businesses to sell products. The program introduces E-Commerce course to create online stores for digital and physical products with and without WordPress.

TWDP 4550


This course provides an opportunity for students to integrate and apply their technical skills and theoretical knowledge by completing a comprehensive team-based project with industry sponsors. The foundations of advanced team building skills including leadership, team decision-making, and effective meeting skills are introduced and practiced. Students will develop skills to work within the dynamics of a team, resolve conflict when appropriate, and be creative and innovative in exploring possible solutions to a task. Students will also complete their web portfolios.